Pauline Deltour

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Aliasing / 2013 / Product

Inspired by the cinetic art, the collection ALIASING is named after this jagged effect that one gets on the screen while filming parallel lines. It plays with optic effects, movements and overlaping layers and includes a low table and a mirror.

Aliasing mirror

Date: 2013

The mirror is made of a printed mirror plate and a metallic frame.
The lines printed on the top of the mirror get reflected on it.

Aliasing table

Date: 2013

The “Aliasing” table is made of three printed glass plates, a mirror plate and a metallic structure.
The clear glass plates are printed with the same pattern. The lines overlapped create a moiré effect that vibrates while moving around the object.
The lower panel, made of tainted mirror, reflects the lines highlighting the optic effect.