Pauline Deltour

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Canes / WantedDesign / 2016 / Product

  • Collaborator: Corning Museum of Glass

Corning - Museum of glass

Date: 2016

As part of the Transatlantic Creative Exchange and OuiDesign, initiated by WantedDesign, I have been invite to participate in a Guest Artist demo at Corning Museum of Glass.

We watched a lot of videos of Corning videos demonstrations to get to know and better understand the process of glass blowing. I got inspired by the technics of making canes to insert motifs on a glass piece.
I thought these canes could become an interesting base material for our project. Building 3D volumes from these canes would allow us to play with theur rythm, diameter, irregularity, etc…

Thick bases were made from melted glass and shaped by hand. Parallely, canes were cut and put into the garare to pre-heat them. Once the base is shaped and the canes are hot enough, they were rolled around the thick base. Changing parameters allowed us to test shapes : thin or thick canes, short or long. Colored or clear base, small or large, circular or not…

We made a series of containers from this principle that will be exhibited during WantedDesign Brooklyn at Industry City during NYCxDESIGN, May 17-23.