Pauline Deltour

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Floater / COR / 2017 / Product


Date: 2017

Just hang out.
Have some me time. Talk to colleagues.
Hold a meeting. 
Quickly complete a presentation. 
Hide (for five minutes).

Floater is a sofa system, designed for COR, the German furniture design compagny, that just launched its new department - COR Lab - focusing on office furniture.

With high or low back, it can grow from a 1-seater to a 3-seater and becomes a feel-good oasis and a haven in the office. With its freely selectable module made of ash or oak wood, Floater becomes a fully fledged workspace.

The additionnal shelves, small worktops and drawers provide space for notebooks and pads, for which there is dedicated power connection. Floater is more than a sofa, it is a freely configurable tool for (cosy) working in the modern office.