Pauline Deltour

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Jewellery collection / 2010 / Product

Family of 5 jewellery collections originally created for MUJI. Each piece of jewellery tries to respect MUJI values: simplicity, functionality, and a clever use of the material. All the components used are available on the market and serve as the ornament. Therefore, there is no additional decoration. The project is not in production.


Date: 2010

The cufflinks are using the straight side of the “toggle” closure.


Date: 2010

The jewel is made of a silver cable and a magnet closing. Simplified to the extreme, the closing becomes the ornament.

Unique size

Date: 2010

The bracelet is made from a chain of fixed length with a hook at one end. The bracelet can adapt to every wrist size. The same principle is applied to the necklace.


Date: 2010

The jewel consists of a chain closed on itself to form a loop. A hook is fixed around the chain and moves freely on it. The hook closes itself around the chain. The same principle is applied to the necklace.