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Le Vélo / LA POSTE / YELLOW INNOVATION / 2018 / Product

Le Vélo

Date: 2018

Le Vélo is an electric and connected bike we designed for Yellow Innovation, the creative laboratory from La Poste. Teamed up with art directors, engineers, bike-experts, bike makers, we've worked on it for the past 7 months.
With its slim, agile and lightweight body, Le Vélo is totally at home in the city. A particular attention has been given to the frame design, that reminds many of the legendary stylish French saloons cars.
Two batteries assures it meets an urban users needs. A small and extremely light "Mars bar"-sized battery pack provides 30 minutes of ride , as the average time from point A to point B in most cities is a 20-minute bike commutes. This small battery, that slips into a shirt pocket, can be easily charged using a power outlet, cigarette lighter or a computer, via USB.
A second invisible battery integrated into the bike frame (down tube), allows up to 4 hours of autonomy for a more intense use.
There is an on-board computer communicating permanently with the rider’s smartphone. A screen integrated into the stem displays all the essential information that the cyclist needs whilst on the move. And to create a safe experience, we’ve specially developed a user interface and interactive handlebars : three buttons are integrated directly into the brake levers.