Pauline Deltour

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Roulé / Discipline / 2012 / Product

Roulé tray

Date: 2012

“Roulé” is a tray made from copper, brass or "gun metal"..
When I was asked to work with copper, I immediately thought about these classic pots for jam making…
The tray “Roulé” gets its inspiration from this icon and uses its very particular feature: an exaggeratedly big rolled edge that, here, facilitates handling and stacking.
A tray must be likeable and suggest emotions, it must not be just limited to its function. The elegant shape, rounded edges and sophisticated materials – copper and brass - make it a luxury, yet simple object. The objects are reflected on the bottom in a magical play of mirrored cross-references.


Date: 2015

We extended the collection with some bowls and coasters in copper and brass and black bronzato.