Pauline Deltour

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Run Run Run / Kunst am Bau, Munich / 2010-11 / Urban installation

  • Collaborator: Nitzan Cohen

Run Run Run

Date: 2011

Run Run Run - Making of

Date: 2011

Run Run Run will be running soon...!

The asphalt has been cleaned and the outlines of the tracks have been drawn with chalk on the floor. The red layer has been sprayed and has to dry before the marking of the white lines...

photo credit : Nitzan Cohen

Run Run Run - Planning

Date: 2010-11

“Run Run Run” is part of the ‘Kunst am Bau’ projects of the city of Munich in which a percentage of the budget for each new public building is dedicated to an art project integrated within the building. It is always an invited competition which we were fortunate enough to win and implement.

The future building is a primary school in a quiet neighbourhood of Munich. The school’s ground has a special feature in the form of two alleys which are 80 and 120 meters long connecting it to the adjacent streets. We decided to focus on those alleys to turn the daily walks into something exciting.

“Run run run” is a racetrack gone wild. The track engages in a dialogue with its surroundings, making loops, deviating and uniting into one lane behind a tree and back to the course or also integrating the iconic winner’s podium as the visual target to run to. It offers an experience and a visual trigger; it redefines the walking path by regarding it as an object, or a living entity that could be encouraged to express itself and even tease.