Pauline Deltour

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Wonder cabinets of Europe / 2012 / Installation

"Wonder cabinets of Europe" in New York

Date: 2013

The Tourné collection for Discipline was shown in a special set up for the Wonder cabinet of Europe exhibition in New York.

On the occasion of the 2013 ICFF in New York, the "Wonder Cabinets of Europe" touring exhibition makes a stop at the Jacob K Javits Centre, at the heart of the furniture fair. US designer Jonah Takagi and Polish designer Matylda Krzykowski have joined an existing line up of emerging talents, including Maria Jeglinska, Loris&Livia, Pauline Deltour, Oscar Diaz, Kueng Caputo and Harry Thaler.

The cabinets seek to offer windows into the designers’ minds, offering honest perspectives into the journeys they undertake and the conclusions they eventually reach, and visually evoke sixteenth century cabinets of curiosities.

“We think it is important to speak about what shapes us as designers and one crucial element is the context in which we work," state curators Maria Jeglinska and Livia Lauber.

Wonder cabinets of Europe

Date: 2012

"Like small wonder cabinets, each designer is given a large wooden “case” in which they will showcase a project they chose to unveil at the London Design Festival. We also asked the designers to share and display personal influences related to the contexts (geographical, cultural, etc) in which they work and their work methods. The cabinet of curiosities, a never-ending source of inspiration, which represents this beautiful idea of Europe, of the Renaissance Man: the knowledgeable collector seeking out questions… Each cabinet is conceived as an exhibition within the exhibition — an atomized gallery space."

Maria Jeglinska & Livia Lauber